The Hindu has always been committed to promoting good literature — both in English and Indian languages — showcased through the Literary Review. In 2010, in the 20th year of the Literary Review, the idea of a prize that would commemorate the best of Indian Writing in English was mooted. And The Hindu Literary Prize was instituted to honour writers who have spent their lifetime mining the human spirit through their words and ideas.

Publishers are invited to send in entries — full-length novels or short story collections by one author — in May-June every year. A distinguished panel of judges comprising writers, academicians and critics decide the shortlist and the final winner. Now renamed The Hindu Prize for Fiction, this award stands proud and equal to the many other coveted literary awards of the world.

Since 2018, a new category for non-fiction has been introduced to recognise the best works of writers of Indian non-fiction in English and translations from regional languages.

The Hindu Prize 2019 Fiction

The Hindu Prize 2019 Non-Fiction

India, Empire, and First World War Culture

Santanu Das

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The Hindu Literary Prize 2010: Manu Joseph for Serious Men
The Hindu Literary Prize 2011: Rahul Bhattacharya for The Sly Company of People Who care
The Hindu Literary Prize 2012: Jerry Pinto for Em and the Big Hoom
The Hindu Prize 2013: Anees Salim for Vanity Bagh
The Hindu Prize 2014: Ashok Srinivasan for Book of Common Signs
The Hindu Prize 2015: Easterine Kire for When the River Sleeps
The Hindu Prize 2016: Kiran Doshi for Jinnah Often Came to our House
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